What do we expect kids to achieve at AKD Kids UMRANIYE Preschool?

The aim of AKD Kids Umraniye Preschool is to create the optimum conditions in purpose to raise inventive, ingenious, active, healthy and flexible to quickly changeable modern world children.

You bring your most precious treasure, your darling babies to our school. And we aim to do our best in taking care of them, feeding them healthy and giving them necessary education all day long.

The purpose of education system at AKD Kids Umraniye Preschool is to discover children’s skills and talents and provide the possibility to improve them.

With the methods and techniques that are used in our education system we motivate children to express themselves, explore, research and communicate by asking questions such as “Why?”, “When”, “How?”etc.

At AKD Kids Umraniye Preschool our purpose is to raise happy, healthy, inquisitive, inquiring and capable children who ask questions, communicate easily and look to the future confidently.

AKD Kids Umraniye Preschool does not only succeed in accomplishing the aims intended for kids. Our kindergarten is aimed at better-quality education by providing parent participation and educating parents as much as children.