Double Language Education

”Two teachers two different languages spoken in the one classroom”

Under the supervision of ‘Akdeniz University Education Assistants’ this program has been imp-lemented’ the basic knowledge of a child whose parents speak 2 difference languages and how the child will learn the 2 languages naturally and easily within their first 4 years. A child who re-aches 3-4 years of age and can speak fluent German with his/her mother as well as fluent Tur-kish with his or her father. Therefore the program has been set in the mannar that the child is learnt two of the languages in its most natural form.

In this education model the student spends 8-9 hours with his or her teacher’ during this educa-tional period which the teacher holds a position of the childs parents and faces 2 adults one whom is speaking only english and the other the childs mother tongue, Turkish. In this time fra-me the child begins to understand and learn that speaking a second language, English, is a na-tural thing to him or her.

Therefore our child comprehends and understands that speaking English is not a special or extraordinary thing and sees it more as a natural lifestyle for him/her. Then begins to use this method of speaking with his/her teacher.

Overall, there isn’t the form of education where the teacher will say “ok kids, lets start our Eng-lish lesson!” as most education institutes have tried to teach the language and become unsuc-cessful at doing so. In AKD KIDS English is a part of everyday life, and our children begin to le-arn the language by living there normal routine whilst learning the language in a natural way. This natural mannar has shown great success through preschool years as the children are open to learn and learn the language just like they learnt their mother tongue, naturally.