European Language Portfolio

American Culture Preschool Education Institute, we offer our students a language education system which is approved by the government of Republic of Turkey, applied and practiced all over Europe.

This program is called European Language Portfolio (Avrupa Ddil Portfolyosu ya da Avrupa Dil Pasaportu).

In the future our children are going to follow a life-long education program. This will gain them language education in their preschool years.

AKD Kids Preschool Institutes are our countries first and only preschool who use the European Language Portfolio.

European Union Standard Education

AKD Kids Preschool Education Institue is based on preschool education standards used in co-untries throughout the European Union.

Due to this matter we take all matters seriously; flooring to furniture, employee in-service trai-ning, our food products having HACCP certificate, therefore all our school standards must meet European Union Preschool Education standards and are enforcedin that mannar. Most impor-tantly our unlimited customer satisfaction is our first priority.

Unlimited Customer Satisfaction

In our preschools our cusrtomers have a 30 day trial period, if in 30 days customers are not sa-tisifed with our institute they can pull back from contract with no explaination necessary and just pay for the period of education attended. All other future payments beinng cancelled.